Technology is supposed to reduce the cost of filing taxes.  Thats why at Ayala Tax our rates are based on the return type.  We do not charge fees based on how big your refund is or how many pages are in your return.  We simply offer a fixed price structure that represents the time and cost it takes to deliver the best service possible.  Every return includes a mailed physical and digital copy giving you the capability to deliver this data in any format when you need to.  Call today, we’re here to help you.

  • Married or individual return $94
  • Small business, rental property or farm return, $129
  • Corporations and partnerships including supplemental K1, $295
  • Sales tax filing – $34 monthly $75 quarterly $150 annually
  • State service area: CT | NC | NJ | NY | MA | PA
  • Federal all 50 states including Hawaii
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